Alaska is our Home

Welcome to BRRick Alliance LLC


Our Members have helped many Contractors successfully complete complex projects throughout

the years.


Now we are BRRick Alliance LLC. We are a great team of generational and long time

Alaskan Professionals ready to assist you with any aspect of your new construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance projects from start to finish and beyond. We are Technical

Consultants and a General Contractor.


For a review of just some of the major Alaskan Commercial Projects our Alliance Team Members have been involved in, follow the links to Projects & Our Team.

Project & Facilities Management


Most of our Members prior management and construction experience has been with facilities quite large, though some have been rather small. We have the experience to make your projects transition smoothly. We can assist with your facility asset management needs.



New Construction 

Do you have a project design complete and ready to build? We would like to give you a competitive bid.

Renovations ~ Improvements ~ Maintenance

If you are thinking of renovating, improving, simply maintaining or whether your project is ready to design or ready to begin, we can help you get your project on track and completed on time and within budget.

What we do:

BRRick Alliance  LLC


Alaska Construction Division

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Construction in Alaska - Putting the pieces of the puzzles together